About Me

Larry began dancing in 1969 when his parents brought him to their club’s beginner lessons. He began calling for the local teen club in 1972. Larry has called at 20 National Conventions and twice at Disneyland. Local organization membership includes DACCA (Denver) and NECCA (north of Denver). He has recorded on Gold Star and Riverboat records and is BMI & ASCAP Licensed. 

In addition to Larry’s calling, he has worked as a professional musician and spent more than 20 years in the music software industry (Sibelius, MakeMusic, MusicFirst). He’s worked both as an audio engineer and studio arranger. Prior to his software career, Larry worked at Peavey Electronics.

Larry is unique in the caller field in these ways:

  1. Regular Dancer
  2. All dances are planned and themed
  3. Unique music
  4. My goal is to help you become a better dancer
  5. I use 30 second walk-throughs to improve dancer experience when the material is challenging. 

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